NIT Srinagar hosts expert talk on ‘FactSage & applications in Process Modeling’

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Srinagar, Mar 26: The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME) in association with Dhaatu Mitra Club on Tuesday organized an expert talk on ‘ ‘FactSage & applications in Process Modeling’ by Dr. Srishilan C of IIT Jammu.

Registrar and Head MME, Prof. Atikur Rahman expressed his gratitude to resource persons and stated that such events are aimed to expose students to a variety of topics beyond their curriculum.

“It provides a platform to interact and exchange ideas with eminent experts. It helps scholars, students to develop an all-round and nuanced view of a topic and research opportunities,” Prof. Rahman said.

Dr. Srishilan is presently working as a full-time Assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Jammu. His research interests in Computational modeling of process metallurgy, high temperature pyro-metallurgical processes and metallurgical waste recycling.

In his talk, Dr. Srishilan provided a comprehensive introduction to FactSage and its versatile capabilities. He discussed its applications in materials research and process design optimization.

Dr. Srishilan provided valuable insights into the significance of computational thermodynamics and demonstrated how coding can be effectively implemented in metallurgy to enhance student interest.

During his talk, he also provided guidance to students on pursuing internships, engaging with faculty, and navigating application processes.

Dr. Srishilan gave insights and importance of computational thermodynamics and how to implement coding in metallurgy to boost interest of students.

He also mentioned that NIT Srinagar, being located in a winter zone, is considering the introduction of Winter-rise to facilitate additional internship opportunities.

Dr. Srishilan highlighted that several other strategies to promote engagement among chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering students will soon be implemented.

He delved into the potential for higher education and industry involvement in extractive metallurgy. Later he also gave an overview of the facilities and resources available at IIT Jammu.

Dr. Srishilan also highlighted the importance of expanding and strengthening the materials engineering program. Future collaborations at both undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) levels were discussed, and steps to implement them will be taken soon, Prof Srishilan C said.

On the occasion, Dr. Irfan Samad Wani highlighted the significance of expert talks like these, emphasizing their relevance in guiding students.

He encouraged them to explore the field further, mentioning the numerous promising opportunities it offers for their future endeavors.

Dr. Anshul extended his gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Srishilan for accepting the invitation and covering his own expenses to attend the event on short notice.

He also thanked the members of the Dhaatu Mitra team for their efforts in organizing the event and ensuring its success.

Dr.Nitika Kundan and Dr.Anshul Gupta (Coordinators), along with Dr.Yashwant Mehta (Patron) of the event and it was attended by undergraduate (UG) and PhD students of the Institute.

The session sparked enthusiasm among attendees for upcoming research endeavors. Vinay Pratap, president of the club, extended congratulations to the team members for conducting a successful event.

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