‘The View’ hosts react to OJ Simpson’s death: ‘Injustice’ he wasn’t convicted of murder

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Sheikh Imran

OJ Simpson passed away on Wednesday from prostate cancer

“The View” co-hosts reacted to OJ Simpson’s death on Thursday just minutes after the news broke and said there was a great sense of “injustice” that he wasn’t convicted of murder.

“Who doesn’t remember the trial of the century? You know, I mean, it was an 11-month-long trial. And the Bronco, and I think it’s one of those questions, where were you at when OJ was in that Bronco?” Hostin said, referring to the infamous slow-speed “white Bronco” chase as Simpson was pursued by police in a car driven by Al Cowlings.

Simpson died from prostate cancer on Wednesday at the age of 76, his family announced.

“I remember it and I also remember feeling a great sense of injustice happened, and it’s one of the reasons I became a prosecutor, because I remember watching Chris Darden and I remember watching Marcia Clark. I remember watching the late great Johnnie Cochran and just the masterful job that I thought everyone did,” Hostin continued.

Co-host Joy Behar asked Hostin what the “tragedy” for her was and Hostin responded with, “the injustice.”

“The criminal trial, the fact that he was not found guilty. But he was found liable later, civilly,” she continued.

ehar chimed in and said, “Like Trump was found liable for rape.”

“Everything goes back to Trump,” Hostin quipped.

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