Chemotherapy services to start in every district hospital of Kashmir

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Significant initiative to extend cancer care: Official

Srinagar, Dec 09 Authorities have announced the commencement of chemotherapy services at every district hospital to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and enhance accessibility to crucial cancer care in the Kashmir division.

An official from the health department informed the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that this decision is part of the government’s commitment to address the growing burden of cancer and ensure that patients, regardless of their location, have access to vital treatment options.

He said the move aims at decentralising cancer care and bringing it closer to communities and minimising the need for patients to travel long distances for chemotherapy.

“The government is dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of its citizens, and the initiation of chemotherapy services at the district level represents a significant shift in healthcare strategy,” the official said, adding that the move recognises the importance of early intervention and treatment in the fight against cancer.

The initiative includes the establishment of specialised chemotherapy units equipped with all necessary facilities and staffed by trained healthcare professionals. These units will provide a range of chemotherapy treatments tailored to meet the diverse needs of cancer patients.

Early detection and treatment are crucial for cancer, and this initiative is expected to significantly reduce waiting times for treatment, the official said, adding that it will also ensure that patients receive timely and comprehensive care.

“This move is anticipated to ease the burden on larger medical centres and allow them to focus on more complex cases and specialised treatments,” he added.

The government has allocated substantial funding for the procurement of medical equipment, staff training and infrastructure development to seamlessly integrate chemotherapy services into district hospitals.

The initiative, already implemented in some district hospitals where staff have undergone one month of training, is expected to contribute significantly to improving cancer outcomes and fostering a healthier population.

Simultaneously, the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir has issued a circular instructing Chief Medical Officers and Medical Superintendents to initiate chemotherapy services in all district hospitals.

As per the circular, accessed by KNO, the Chief Medical Officers and Medical Superintendents have been directed to utilise the services of the trained staff and provide chemotherapy out of the approved NHM funds for the activity under the NP-NCD programme at their respective centres, so that patients don’t suffer. “Matter may be treated on top priority,” it reads—(KNO)

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Bijoy B K
Bijoy B K
Bijoy BK With over 03 years of experience in the field of journalism, Bijoy BK  heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as a Blogger.

[email protected]

Bijoy B K

Bijoy BK With over 03 years of experience in the field of journalism, Bijoy BK  heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as a Blogger.

[email protected]

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