Rural Development Department Ganderbal accords warm send off to Mohammad Sultan Sheikh on superannuation

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Polash Mollah

Ganderbal 31 January : The RDD department in Ganderbal accorded a warm send-off to Mohd Sultan Sheikh, Panchayat Inspector, on his superannuation. The event was attended by top officials of the department as well as colleagues and well-wishers of Sheikh.

During his tenure, Sheikh had made significant contributions to the department and had played a crucial role in the implementation of various rural development schemes and programs in the Ganderbal district. He was known for his dedication, hard work, and thorough knowledge of the subject.

The officials present at the event praised Sheikh for his exceptional commitment towards his work and his ability to effectively handle the challenges faced by the department. They highlighted his achievements and expressed gratitude for his valuable services.

Sheikh thanked everyone for their support and expressed his satisfaction for being able to contribute to the development of the rural areas during his tenure. He expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for their cooperation and acknowledged the encouragement and guidance he received from his seniors.

The event concluded with the presentation of flower garlands, shawls and bouquets as tokens of appreciation for Sheikh’s outstanding service. The officials wished him a happy and fulfilling retired life and expressed their hope to see him involved in various social and community activities even after his retirement.

Overall, the warm send-off provided a fitting tribute to Sheikh’s exemplary service, dedication, and commitment to rural development in Ganderbal. His colleagues and well-wishers expressed their admiration and heartfelt gratitude for his significant contributions, leaving a lasting impression on the department.

Polash Mollah

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