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My Inspiration!
Shall I write with the words of appreciation, class or maturity that your goodself endures as an inherent trait.!
I don’t understand how to plead, but one thing is certain that you are the inspiration and a matured rational being to so many souls and i am the luckiest one among them. I let you know that i have seen a sigh of relief inside my tattered and bored soul because you favoured me and made me special in the knot of pious relation, friendship. In you, I find a true spirit of selflessness. You are the extraordinary soul on the planet and will remain forever.
I am short of my words to pen down, which could have revealed your personality, as a person, as a true mentor and the best friend of mine ever. But there is no doubt in the fact that I really owe something special to you which I can not express to the people of this material world. So i have decided to catch them in my next version of literary narrative which possibly I can write as a fiction and dedicate it to you as a friendship gift and i am working on it.
I truly believe that a friend like you is a real and precious treasure, a gem of a personality that Almighty gifted me perhaps for my little good deeds. Although I didn’t have yet opened my account of good deeds yet, but still God’s Mercy has lapped me and took me along with you. I am not deserved to be your companion, but still you hold my hand and took me along with you. You are a real inspiration for me and will remain till my last breath. You are the most special person ever came into my life as a motivation, a real being having truest spirit, a remedy to my loneliness. Truly, your presence will build me and shall remain forever with me in the same energy and standard. I can’t believe myself whenever my eyes caught sight of you. It seems that some magic has overshadowed my all senses and i become half insane.
That is how, your presence overlaps me time to time and i felt lost in the imaginary world, full of jocund feelings and emotions. Your rational wisdom and an unending intelligent quotient is your power and you shared it to me so to hold me high. You can’t see my misery, pain, agony and suffering. You are with me by the hour of extreme grief and i felt it every passing minute. It enhances my believe and kept me going and overcomes all the limitations and bad experiences.
To my utter surprise, your presence is unimaginable, out of the context of this material world. It is unveiled and can not be disclosed or displayed in this temporary world. If i try to unveil them, then I am sure I will lost myself in the valley of abyss.
My unseen friend, you are my inspiration! I want to plead my suffering to you in this letter and I am conveying them to you in a most earnest manner.
I am not a pious soul and that is why I am far away from the blessings of God. I am not also a responsible person that is why I am far away from the love of my dear and near ones. I stumble every time because of my dark secrets and over burden of sins. I felt myself trapped and lapped by dreadful witches and ghosts. I am lost in the world of fantasy and had kept myself away from the reality of my inner conscience. Even though, I kept reading a good stuff of legendary personalities but could not perceive goodness inside my soul. I felt myself in the chains of restlessness and my behaviour is not on the right track. I am human in form and far from humanity. It seems that pangs of demons death has catched me in her lap. I am not able to concentrate on the good and badness has thrown  permanent stains to my heart. It occurs grief, sadness and gloom.
Ah! My unseen Friend, Since I have seen you in my dream, I felt that I am recovering fast. It seems that the ugliness of my heart is vanishing. The source of my pleasure is being retained and the calmness of my inner voice seems to speaking. I am sure that you will not left me alone now. Your helping hands are so delicate and your voice seems so melodious like a poetry in motion. The lyrics in your vocal card has a magic. It takes me to the world of angels and I seem to be the part of pious mission. The desire you created inside me is everlasting and free from the pangs of materialism. I reached to the level of sense and sensibility. My eyes are now catching the scene of pious objects and avoiding vulgarity. My thought is rebuilding and reliving. My mind seems to achieve the ultimate level of concentration. I am feeling the ever lasting happiness and want to relive again. It seems that the ultimate goal to my vision is calling me out of curiosity to hug her. An unseen friend is taking me into her pious lap and calls out for various solutions to my problems. She wants me to cross the sea seas and seven skies.
My Unseen Friend! I am writing this concluding paragraph with an earnest and sincere request that kindly behold with me till my last breath as I can’t bear your separation. Although, you are not physically with me but my dream wonders for you every single moment. You are the eternal peace and joy to me and be like that to me forever. Light my candle with the lit by your beautiful hands. Be like a sweet nectar to my bitter soul.
Please surpass me once and i will be thankful to you.
An Unseen Friend, You are my last hope!
The author is a freelancer and can be mailed at [email protected]

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Mir Eijaz
Mir Eijaz With over 04 years of experience in the field of journalism, Mir Eijaz heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as the Executive Writer

Mir Eijaz

Mir Eijaz With over 04 years of experience in the field of journalism, Mir Eijaz heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as the Executive Writer

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