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To begin with the rational thought of a famous Politician and Writer, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
                      (Lord Acton)
The existence of a human being on the planet Earth is pivotal and has an immense role to play. To define his credibility, the behaviour of human beings really matters and makes him crown of all creations. Though behavioural changes are set to take place and it is one of the natural phenomenon of living beings, especially in case of human beings. Our influence on the blue planet matters a lot, as we are the best creation of Almighty Allah. Our traits, qualities, instincts are different from other creatures. We have been sent on for the different purpose, mission, vision and perception. We are not less than a miracle on the planet. The energy we seek must be channelised into the right direction. There must be realization of positive energy and optimistic approach towards each and every object which is dealt by human psychology. The objective, aim, vision, and mission of human beings is based on rational and practical approach. We can’t be careless about anything which is pivotal for the moral existence. The moral approach of a man shall be encompassed with enlightenment of consciousness because it gives us right direction to create healthy relationships in the society. We are the most talented and had an upper hand in handling things compared to other creatures of the planet. We are beautiful, handsome and intellectual property of the God. None of the creation present on the earth can compete us. We are the supreme creation of Almighty Allah. But Alas! Aren’t we tend to seek malice over sacredness? That is a burning question and as a responsible individual of the society we need to find out the solution, otherwise human catastrophe is going to take place in the near future.
The greediness of power, selfishness and materialism have made us so vulnerable that we are ready to cut throat of one another. To gain the favour, we could go to any extent. Literally speaking, I am deaf and dumb to witness the harsh rigidity of human behaviours, our power of greediness and level of cunning approach has proved us the worst living beings on the planet. We live with the negative feelings, we do act with the inappropriate level of excitement. We hurt others for minor benefits and cross all the limits for material gains. Our level of excitement arises to next level when somebody asks us that we are rich. The richness of wealth is everything for us and we ready to invite for us the wrath of God over the little luxury. We have created a different dimension of happiness for us. We are happy only when we have best quality cell phones, a luxurious car and a huge pocket money. We feel good only when we have many rich friends and fine clothes to wear. We want to be powerful so that we can rule others. We want to cross the success ladder by any means, even by cheating or doing fraud.
To my utmost surprise, I would like to mention that we are waiting for a huge catastrophe to happen in near future and I named it a human catastrophe. I have a solid reason to prove my point. Let me explain; before two decades the people of our valley weren’t digitally sound in comparison to the present. We were simple but healthy. We were backward but pure with heart. We were illiterate but skilled. We were poor but loyals. But Alas! see the condition and the way we live in, the so called progressive era.
Let me count the malicious acts of our so called modernization and progress.
1. We are leading from the front in the competition of drug addiction, consuming Contraband and psychotic substances.
2. Use of cell phones have highjacked the minds of present generation. We can’t live without them and it is big tragedy, consuming energy to play games and watching non sense stuff.
3. In the name of progress, we  display vulgarity and present obscenity on the stages.
4. We teach cheat, fraud, hoarding, black marketing etc. in the name of trade and commerce.
5. We spread immodesty, immorality, vulgarity and the race of unnecessary competition in the name of education.
6. We speak ill of others behind their backs, backbiting and scandal mongering.
7. In the name of modernisation, we kill the dreams of the poor people. We eat the share of orphans to display humanity.
8. Our relationship with our neighbors is almost at the stake. We have lost the sense of good feelings and emotions to our neighbors.
9. Our care for the relatives is decreasing on each passing day.
The sense of goodness has been replaced by our cunning approaches.
10. In form, we are humans and in reality far from humanity. The power of selfishness has mentally corrupted us and made us emotionally sick and ill.
We should change our behaviours and approaches very quickly, otherwise a human catastrophe is in the making. Since we are not able to create a good relationship with others and day by day our contribution towards the humanity is having a pessimistic approach. I am not blaming or pointing out any particular group of persons or any sect. The truth is that we all human beings are sailing by the same boat. The jealousy, cunningness, greed of power and authority have transformed human beings into dreadful wild animals. We are watching the horrible devastation and tragedies out of the hands of humans. We have changed our human traits and qualities into fierce wilderness. Every single inch of the globe has been mutilated and destroyed by our actions. I may not hesitate to mention out this bitter truth here that, “if i shall try to count the tragedies of a man on the planet earth, the pages will fall short off to count them and the list of his faults will continue to go on.”
We are at sleep and this is a matter of serious concern. As a writer i firmly believe that no one will help us to save from this menace and severe catastrophe. There is a famous proverb in english which reads as, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
To come out from the awaiting human catastrophe, we have to recognize our identify, position and purpose. We have to replace filth from good. We need human resources out of sacredness and purity. We need to contribute humanity at individual levels. We need to seek forgiveness of Almighty Allah at an earliest, otherwise it would be too late.
May God shower His holy blessings upon the whole mankind. (Ameen).
The writer is a freelancer and writes on various contemporary and social issues. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Mir Eijaz
Mir Eijaz With over 04 years of experience in the field of journalism, Mir Eijaz heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as the Executive Writer

Mir Eijaz

Mir Eijaz With over 04 years of experience in the field of journalism, Mir Eijaz heads the editorial operations of the JK News Live as the Executive Writer

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